Visit Montenegro EDITION is new project made in cooperation between, dBO Advertising Agency and BritishDotCom ltd. With a great pleasure we can announce that we are the FIRST PUBLISHER of digital content from Montenegro.

Our main goal is to provide the wide range of DIGITAL BOOKS, GUIDES and MAGAZINES. We strongly believe that we can provide THE BEST QUALITY DIGITAL CONTENT because we are leaders in Montenegro Web Promotion, and we have huge amount of information and materials from Montenegro.

Descriptions, Reviews, Articles, Photos, Videos, Maps, … all that you will be able to find in our brand new digital edition. 

Visit Montenegro with this project continue to follow new technologies. Today, digital content (digital books or ebooks or ibooks, digital guides and digital magazines) represent best way to get information for each customer. Especially in Tourism, digital content allow us to offer great Tourist Guides with extremely affordably prices.

Our main partners are AMAZON KINDLE STORE, APPLE iBOOKSTOREBarnes&Noble NOOK Books, Kobo eBooks. Through this 4 great online stores we provide whole range of our Digital Edition. You can follow our authors (publisher) pages on those book online stores and you can always have accurate information about all new titles.

Finally, we also provide printed edition for main and bestselling books and guides (Paperback) in Amazon Book Store.

Also you can visit our BLOG and follow articles, news, information and offers by Visit Montenegro EDITION.