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Explore Cities of Montengro

  • Kotor Located along one of Wold’s most beautiful bays is Kotor, a city of traders and famous sailors, with many stories to tell
  • Budva Budva is the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism thanks to the great number of beaches and hotels that make this a most desirable tourist destination
  • Tivat Located in the central part of the Kotor Bay. Although it is the youngest town in the Boka region, Tivat has a lot of interesting and attractive destinations
  • Podgorica The capital city of Montenegro located at the very centre of the country makes it a good place to settle in and explore the rest of the country
  • Cetinje Situated in the fields of Cetinje, at the base of the Lovcen mountain, Cetinje is a treasure of Montenegrin cultural and historical heritage
  • Kolasin Kolasin is city on the North of Montenegro. Founded by Turks in 17th century, this small city is one of must visit places in Montenegro
  • Zabljak Zabljak is the city on the highest altitude of the Balkans (1456m). Located in the very centre of enormous mountain of Durmitor – and in the middle of Durmitor National Park
  • Herceg Novi Herceg Novi is recognisable by the abundance of mimosa trees and its numerous flights of stairs. It is a ‘city of the sun’, thanks to the large number of sunny days all year round
  • Bar Bar represents a modern town that is expanding every day. Although it is a port town, it is amazingly clean and has many developed green areas
  • Ulcinj Ulcinj is the southernmost city at Montenegrin coast. With its natural potential Ulcinj is tourism borne
  • Niksic Built in the 4th century, its original name was Onogost. Remains of this old city are today a cultural and historic monument
  • Pljevlja In the picturesque valley of the rivers Cehotina and Brznica on the very North of Montenegro is located city of Pljevlja
  • Bijelo Polje Some legends say that Bijelo Polje got its name after white flowers that in spring covered this entire city
  • Berane Berane is surrounded by highlands. On this region civilizations came one after another that left behind rich cultural heritage
  • Rozaje Rozaje is city surrounded by magnificent mountains Hajla, Mokra gora, Krstac, Zljeb and Turjak. The Ibar River flows through it and forests cover all regions
  • Danilovgrad At the bank of the River Zeta in the middle Bjelopavlici valley is located city of Danilovgrad. It got its name after its idea creator Prince Danilo
  • Mojkovac On the vest bank of the Tara River between mountains Bjelasica and Sinjajevina is located a little city of Mojkovac
  • Plav Plav is located at the feet of the mountain riff Prokletije on the springs of the river Lim. It is considered that it got its name after Roman Emperor Phlavius during the Roman rule
  • Pluzine Small and peaceful town at the banks of Piva Lake surrounded with gorgeous mountains. If you like fish and jazz festivals, this is a spot for you
  • Andrijevica The town of Andrijevica is a relatively new settlement, as its first rudiments begin in the middle of the nineteenth century
  • Savnik Small town located in mountain region in eastern Montenegro. Komarnica River and its breathtaking canyon Nevidio is just few kilometers away from here

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