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Budva Culture

Budva besides being a tourist is also a town of culture. Not only because of its extremely valuable historical past but also because of the constant influences and permeating of various cultures from the land and the sea (Helens, Venetians, French, Austro – Hungarians…), the cultural dimension of Budva has always been interwoven in the social life of the town. The authentic monuments: numerous churches, monasteries, fortresses even today testify of the past of Budva.

The most attractive and the oldest is the Old town Budva, in which the majority of those monuments are found. Beside the history and culture, the spirit of Budva was carried through the centuries by many famous personalities. Budva gave birth to numerous great man of painting brush and quill. We shall mention some of them:
Todor Vukovic, the painter from Maine SV century, Krsto Ivanovic – the chronicler from Budva XVII century.

The far famous Conte Stjepan Zanovic lived in the XVIII century and from his early youth he was prone to challenges and adventures, unruly and dissipated life.

The important personality for Budva is also the painter who has a rich opus, Anastas Bocaric – XVII century. He got his education in Athens. He was engaged in sculpture, calligraphy and applied arts. At the same time he was the first teacher of his brother Spiro Bocaric, who got his education in Venice. He made a great number of portraits and landscapes.

Still, without any doubt, the most famous man from Budva, a literate and a diplomat, who is well known outside the borders of Montenegro, is the national tribune Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa, XIX century.

For life that literate was proclaimed the best narrator of that era. He got famous for his notes and collections of the folk customs, events and preservation of the folk language from the oblivion.

From the more recent time, from the period of the XX century, also the recognized and famous public and scientific workers stand out. As the most significant ones we can name the brothers Miroslav and Stevan Luketic. PhD Miroslav Luketic was a famous historian, and a chronicler. His brother Stevan Luketic was a sculptor recognized in the world. Also painters Slobodan Slovnic and Jovan Ivanovic were born in Budva where they also live.

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