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Cetinje History

Cetinje Legend

The story and the legend about a certain town, is the story from its history, its culture, from the past, which observes the every day life in various ways and from various angles.

With its very position, Cetinje is an extraordinary place. Every stone, every foot or culturally – historic monuments of the town are unique stories, and they make Cetinje live in legend, and through the legend. Even though that world famous town is mentioned as one of the most freethinking places on the Balkans, which through history it really confirmed, hardly in the literature you can find an authentic legend connected to the origin of the town, apart from one, a long time ago made story, which by is thematic is completely usual, and is more and more used in advertising purposes, and which, someone said  “ is an ordinary story, about a many centuries old capital, about a little but proud town, situated in the foot of the mountain Lovcen, where the east stops and the west begins”.

It is a story about Cetinje`s rains, about people who in spite of everything through which they’ve been through history, are always smiled and ready for a joke. In short, that story is titled “The Valley of Gods” (Dolina Bogova), and like everything that is created by the Almighty, it is made as something very interesting, effective and divine. That legend that in more recent time is often used as a story about the origin of town Cetinje, goes like this:

“Once upon a time in the ancient times God began to create Earth, by thinking for a long time about what he’s creating, as well as about people who will live on that Earth. So he shared nations across the Earth by giving every nation the space he intended for them. When he was near the end of his work, and happy with what he has done, the angels approached to him and submissively told him:

“Dear God, there is one small nation left, but hard working nation, worthy of your attention! At that moment the God’s eyebrows creased and it started to thunder everywhere. A great storm started. In the sea big waves raised, and on the Earth began to blow hard winds. After that, at once, everything stopped, and the God said: “What I have left for myself and what I have named Montenegro let that be the home for that people. Let that people be called Montenegrins, and the place that I am standing right now let it be called Cetinje, and all those who are born in Cetinje let them be Gods, and Cetinje let it be the eternal valley of Gods”.

So by that legend Cetinje got its name. Those who call themselves the residents of the valley of Gods, often speak about their town, in which people live proudly, with their head raised up high towards the sky, the creator, towards majesty.
That old story about the origin of the town encircled with the rocky massifs of the Mountain Lovcen, the curious ones can get to know if they visit Cetinje in various seasons of the year, when the winters are pretty cold, summers fairly warm, falls mild and springs the most fragrant while the linden trees from Cetinje blossom. The only thing that is always the same are the rains, the stubborn Cetinje rains which flow and flow, through the wide boulevards, down the streets which used to be the battleground, or from which soldiers went to wars or great fights.

In Cetinje, it often happens that from the strengths of the impact of the lightenings and thunders and rains that are constant, it gets so dark, that certain parts of the day can seem so dark as if it was night, and then everything stops the sun comes out and shines over the mountains, widening its yellow beams on just washed hills and mountains under Lovcen. Those special panorama events effectively complement the mythical guesses about the origin of the town or about the creation of legend about it.

Everything in Cetinje entered in a legend, because the town itself is a legend that keeps memory on great founders of this town, on great army commanders, spiritual leaders, poets, philosophers, painters and great artists, on the proud of Cetinje people that through centuries resisted the enemy, on its churches, monasteries, printing shop, museums, libraries, mausoleums, monumental buildings, embassy buildings, academies…

Every stone, every foot is turned into a legend that through centuries lives a simple but divine life. Cetinje represents an inexhaustible inspiration to every artist, successfully resisting the time, space and transition.

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