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Cetinje Churches

Cetinje Legations
CETINJE LEGATIONS – the objects of the diplomatic – consular missions, in Cetinje, have begun to form immediately after the acknowledgment of the independence of Montenegro in 1878. on Berlin congress. For the work of the former legations and accommodation of the staff numerous beautiful housed and the houses that were built with high quality were rented, or new objects were built with special projects in which later the legations were placed. So even today in Cetinje you can see well preserved edifices of the Austro – Hungarian, Russian, French, Italian, Turkish, and English legation. Next to these buildings there are nicely arranged green parks. Among the ones that were built very early is the Austro – Hungarian legation, in 1899, by the project of the famous architect Josip Slade. The building has ground floor, 1st floor, and the attractive mansard. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Cetinje.
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In the 1919. the edifices of Italian and French legations were built. Those are nicely and richly decorated edifices. The ex French legation represents the building in the style of a clean cassia with polychromous ceramic tiles on the facades. In it today is the Central national library “Djuradj Crnojevic”.

The building of the former Italian legation was built by the project of the architect Koradini. Firstly, it was situated in the part of the town which at that time was periphery. Around it there is a big park. The building is made simply, without emphasized decorative elements. The interior of the embassy is made from the spacious celebratory halls. In this building is placed the Bureau for protection of the monuments of Montenegro.

With its interior a building in which the legation of England is placed stands out. That building is very simple. It was built in 1922 by the project of the architect Harti. The embassy is surrounded by the garden with a tennis playing ground. The exterior of the building reminds on the English summer cottage. Today in this building is the Music academy.

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