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Montenegro Archive
MONTENEGRO ARCHIVE – was formed in 1951. it is found in the vicinity of Government’s home. The Montenegrin archive inherited the documentation of the State archive of Montenegro, which with its work began in 1895. year. In the archive the production of the Montenegrin Ministry, archive of the Great court, State soviet, Council Ministry, Folk Parliament and other state organs and institutions were placed from the very beginning of the work in 1879 until 1916. Also, it owns the archive of the emigrant government that worked from 1916. to 1921. and of the Montenegrin board for unison (1917. – 1918.).
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The archive inherited the documentation of the State archive which with its work began in 1895. and today it gathers the service on the scope of the entire Montenegro. The oldest document that is kept in the central terminal of the Archive dates from 1539. year. As a home institution Archive overtakes the register’s office of the republic organs and institutions, and juristic and physical persons in Montenegro. The Archive collects and makes available various documents and papers for scientific researches. The Montenegro Archive keeps over 799 archive funds with 4.500 000 documents. Basic funds of the State archive are made of the documents of the highest organs of the Montenegrin state which appeared after 1878.

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