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Cetinje Churches

Cetinje Monastery
Cetinje Monastery is situated in the immediate vicinity of King Nikola`s Castle and Njegos`s billiard pool hall. It represents the most important sanctity in the town. It was built in 1701. by Bishop Danilo Petrovic. Monastery complex is today the center of the Montenegrin spirituality and culture. It has one transept church of modest dimensions, dedicated to Holy mother of God. There is also an iconostasis from the XIX century the work of Greek masters. In the church there is a reliquary with the remains of Sveti Petar Cetinjski (St. Peter of Cetinje), and in front of the church there are graves of Prince Danilo and Governor Mirko Petrovic. From the north side of the monastery is the St. Peters cell, and in the south we can se two floored monastery sleeping palace. Monastery museum is placed in Njegos overnight staying place, which by richness and diversity of the exhibits is a kind of a museum institution. In the chambers of the museum there are various glass cabinets in which valuable and precious exhibits are preserved of which some are made from precious metals.
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Among the famous ones we can single out: epitrachelion of Sava Petrovic from the XIII century, the crown of Stefan Decanski from the XIV century, flag of Balsici from the XV century and the symbols of Crnojevic also from the XV century. Beside the church priest’s garment of the rulers of the Montenegrin dynasty Petrovic, in the museum the collections of items of which many are made of gold silver, with the ornaments of half precious and precious stones are also preserved. Among other exhibits of the museum are various wooden crosses (XVII – XVIII) and collections of manuscripts of books, gospels, among which there is Divisev`s gospel from the middle of the XIV century and a copy of the first south – Slovenian printed Cyrillic book – Oktoih, first voice from 1494. Also, in the museum there is a rich collection of the icons from the XVII and XIX century.

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