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Cetinje Entertainment

In Cetinje you can spend pleasantly days intended for using of your year vacation. This is related especially to those that wish to combine the relaxation in nature with the piece and quietude that are necessary after the hard work during the winter period of the year, or as an addition to the vacation, which will apart from the staying in some of the coastal towns, include several days that you will spend in Cetinje.

Cetinje with its surroundings is an ideal place for rest during the fall and winter pauses or short vacations. Various parks, of which one we should single out and that is the park in the vicinity of the “Grand” hotel, are ideal places for rest after a long walk or for spending time with children or friends, for jogging, walking, fast walking, gymnastic or aerobic exercises. Also, on the benches in the park or in the café nearby you can, in ease, read the daily press, favorite weekly magazine, some book, or even expert literature. Sitting with your friends and chatting about some not so important things, the easiest way to spend your time is to drink summer cocktails, cafés or juices or to easily try some fruit cake or ice – cream.

Except the older, and especially the tourists of the middle aged generation, and family people who on Cetinje, mainly in the hotel accommodation, spend their days of the holidays or summer ferry, in that town there are also young people coming who want to meet the town of the extreme historical and cultural value, and who during the day, and especially during the night can have good fun in the very visited and nicely arranged Cetinje cafés, where the atmosphere is great. From such caterer compounds you can hear the sounds of many kinds of popular music: mainly pop, rock, disco, rave, techno, jazz, contemporary and old town repertoire, and Latino – jazz. It often happens that the owners of the well – known Cetinje cafés organize various parties on certain days in the week (mostly for the weekend), for groups of tourists. They also organize the parties on which as a mean of a commercials and exquisite service free drink is poured, and visitors can enjoy in the live gigs of Cetinje as well as other Montenegrin music groups and singers. Among such places, places like “Yellow moon”, café “Korzo” (Corso), “Piper`s”, “Hogar the Migty” and “Gaeta” single out.

All those places mostly have terraces in the open, with the choice of meals and drinks they are adjusted to the younger as well as to the older teenage population, and with the acceptable prices those places guarantee an excellent and unusual fun. The mentioned caterer resorts often organize special celebrations and offer various kinds of beneficials when we are talking about the organized groups of tourists or guests that are being arranged by the mediation of the tourist agencies. Mostly all the cafés, café restaurants, taverns, pizzerias, are mainly situated in the center of the town, one next to the other, so they are impossible to miss. Those places are attractive especially in the evening, when on Cetinje streets and boulevards (Cetinje corso) there are hundreds of nicely dressed young people and tourists that most often, in seeking the good amusement, or in wish to hear the live gigs, stay in numerous cafés and café terraces. For the funs of the contemporary music the possibility of fun is offered in the discothèque of the “Grand” hotel in Cetinje, in which the tours of famous singers or the nights of modern, and contemporary dances with a DJ party are being organized.

In the summer period you definitely have to try some of the great number of fruit cups and ice – creams, which in the Cetinje cafés and in the discothèque are gladly prepared by the usage of the most modern receipts. Considering the fact that the majority of the cafés works from 8 to 24 hours, you will not miss pizza before midnight or piroski, warm sandwich or something else with the quality and fast service.

Especially nice moments of the rest the lovers of nature will spend of in Cetinje. By walking down the paths that lead toward the Orlov krs (Eagles`s stone), easily going towards the Upper or Lower field, and breathing in the gorgeous scent of the Cetinje linden trees pines or some other growth that charms with its smell as well as the appearance, you can pleasantly spend the afternoon in Cetinje or enjoy the rest of the day.

If you like the cultural events, and they represent a kind of fun for you, it is best that you choose the rich contents in the manifestation “Cultural summer” that takes place on the Summer stage, in the area of the Balsic’s market or city park. Theater plays, promotions, performances, and other contents are just a part of the summer offer on the mentioned manifestation. A great number of cultural happenings and plays takes place also in the King’s theatre “Zetski dom” (The home of Zeta). The promotions of books, exhibitions of art creators, concerts of the serious music etc. take place in the Government’s home in Cetinje. For the funs of the good atmosphere a great recommendation is the manifestation “Inspection of folklore” (May – June) or summer pasture sports games in the village called Njegusi, at the end of July. For the supporters of the fun that raises the adrenaline the best kind of fun is the Hill car racing that is driven from Cetinje to Ivan’s riverbeds to Njegusi. The detailed information about the events can be found on the page “events” in Cetinje.

For the walkers, and the lovers of the fast walking, mountain climbers have many places for walk like: the slopes of Ivan’s riverbeds, villages around Cetinje, especially Njegusi, and also other parts of town, that no matter what time of the year it is, look nice and pleasant. These places are especially interesting during the summer, when no matter what time of the day it is, you can feel the pleasant breeze, which refreshes the surrounding, reminding that the climate on Cetinje has also taken care to make the natural characteristics around the town special.

If you plan to take your children with you for your vacation, Cetinje is an ideal place for that, because it abounds with numerous green and free areas on which the young ones can play as much as they wish. Beside that, after a pleasantly spent day in the park, on the green slopes around Cetinje, or at some picnic ground, you won’t have to think too much about their appetite or about their sleeping, because the unique climate and the natural characteristic of the town that refresh, rejuvenate and have an extremely favorable effect on the organism, have already taken care of that.

Also, in Cetinje there is a great number of restaurants where beside the nicely prepared domestic food you can try out the fruits of the sea, lake, see or river fish, meals that are made by your order, and the tourists of the gay temper in the mentioned objects can enjoy until early hours listening to the old town, contemporary or newly composed music, live!

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