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Cetinje Top Tours

Cetinje is the most famous and the most visited tourist town, when we are talking about interesting Montenegrin cultural and tourist destinations. The visit to Cetinje is almost counted into obligatory excursions and trips of the entire hotel – tourist housed, tourist agencies but also it is found in various catalogues and guides, in which Montenegro, its beauties and other values are advertised.

So, Cetinje as an entry and tourist destination is very gladly visited by the tourists, both domestic and foreign. The guests mostly and most gladly visit cultural – historic monuments of Cetinje: museums, monasteries, churches, and mausoleum of the Petar II Petrovic Njegos on Lovcen, as well as the picnic grounds Ivan’s riverbeds and the birth place of Njegos, the village Njegusi.

These trips are usually organized by the tourist agencies from the Coast and from the towns on the north of Montenegro. With a very comfortable buses tourists from all over the world, driving from the coastal towns, go toward Cetinje, expecting to catch sight of the eternal house of Petar II Petrovic Njegos, on Lovcen, or to disembark on the spacious standing point, under the Cetinje hospital and start the sightseeing of the cultural – historic monuments of Cetinje. On their arrival to Cetinje, tourists are usually recommended to visit the Njegos`s Billiard pool hall, monastery on Cipur, Government’s home, King Nikola I Petrovic castle and other monuments of culture.

Also, the trips can be organized quickly and easily if you come to Cetinje with your own or rent – a – car vehicle. To Cetinje you can come using taxis, that from the coast organize everyday tourist tours with the purpose of visiting Njegos`s mausoleum, Ivan’s riverbeds, Njegusi or monuments in the center of the town.

Because of the great interest, for the mentioned trips, especially during the summer period, it is best to make the reservations a day or two earlier. Also, certain hotel keepers and renters of private villas, in their tourist offer or arrangements for tourists, have the already arranged trips that are included in the price of the summer vacation, so that can be also a good way fro visiting Cetinje`s cultural and historic monuments. In addition, many taxi drivers in Cetinje will gladly drive you on the relation Cetinje – Njegos`s Mausoleum, or Cetinje – Ivan’s riverbeds – Njegusi.

With the easy drive to the desired destination the attentive drivers will share with you the information about the details of the history or culture of Cetinje, of which the citizens of Cetinje are extremely proud of, and which they unselfishly through the story they share with others and especially tourists.

Especially in the period from May to October, that is connected to the duration of the summer tourist season in Montenegro, a great number of tourists from all over Europe and world visit Cetinje, so in that period in Cetinje you can hear many world and European languages, but also you can meat the tourists that are enchanted with what they see, and with great attention they listen to all the information that they have the chance to find out, and especially when it is spoken about the monumental treasure of Cetinje, culture and history of the town.

If you are organizing the trip to Cetinje by yourself, when you get there, it will be enough to ask around at Cetinje inhabitants whom you will meet walking down the streets and boulevards, about the monuments of culture, or if you like the detailed information more it is best that you pay a visit to the Tourist organization of Cetinje and seek the information. Also, tourist signs and signalization in the town, as well as in the approaching ways, are visible, so if you follow the road signs you can manage easily and reach all the cultural institutions in Cetinje.

With the symbolic price of the ticket that is paid for the visit of the objects of culture in Cetinje, tourists are followed during the entire tour of the monuments and monumental treasure a museum custodian or a guide, who in English, German, Russian, Italian or French language, explains to the visitors the details of the foundation of the building, its function, the values that are kept in it and all other detail, with which one can support the historical and cultural meaning of the mentioned monuments of the culture.

However, those are not the only excursions that are organized and that promote Cetinje as a town and its extraordinary historical value. If you try or if you are a little bit more persistent, in the Tourist organization of the town or by the various internet cites you can find out details about the walking paths, that are fully marked, but with which Cetinje and the surroundings abounds in. In addition, if a desire for research of the surrounding of Cetinje occupies you so much, the best solution is to check the possibility of the visit of the attractive caves like; Lipska, Koronina or Duboki do pit or some other that is waiting to be discovered.

For those tourists or visitors that are so enchanted by Cetinje, that they wish to spend the entire day in that town, very interesting are tours towards the mountain Lovcen and Njegos`s mausoleum. Equally nice will be if you spend a day at Ivan’s riverbeds, or if you drive further towards the interesting and historically famous village Njegusi. Also, a very interesting is a visit to Cetinje museums and monuments of culture of which King’s theatre home of Zeta, Government’s home, King’s castle, Njegos`s billiard pool hall and Cetinje monastery should be singled out. Detailed information about those places are found on the pages about “cultural – historic monuments” of Cetinje and on the pages about “top 5” destinations.

Extremely nice and pleasant trip will be a trip to River Crnojevic that is 16 km away from Cetinje. If you wish to stay in the above mentioned destination we suggest that you use the famous “Montenegro tour” that includes the visit to this place, and which is organized by almost all coastal tourist agencies. Also, from Cetinje to River Crnojevic you can go by your own or rent – a – car vehicle or by using the services of numerous taxi drivers or mini van taxis.

If you are a guest of Cetinje and you like to enjoy in the nature that that town is the right place for you. Namely, numerous boulevards, streets or parks, especially the one near the “Grand” hotel are ideal places for walkers, sportsmen, convalescents or supporters of healthy life. In any case, rare are those tourists to whom Cetinje doesn’t suit. For whatever kind of rest in this town you decide you won’t regret. Beside the almost mythical silence, gorgeous natural surrounding, history, culture, and the inhabitants that are very attentive, in Cetinje, every tourist discovers something new that singles out this town from other destinations in Montenegro, making it special right because of those numerous originalities. What are those originalities, specialties or something else, it will be the best for you to discover by yourself. So, come to Cetinje and enjoy in the best way you know.

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