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Podgorica Recreation

People from Podgorica are well known as fans of sport, so beside the fact that they are regular spectators, they also practice it, some on professional and some on amateur basis. Extremely favorable climate, warm and sunny days, in greatest part contribute to the fact that people here decide to exercise sports in the open. Every day on Podgorica green surfaces and parks, and especially on those which are near the building of the University, there are hundreds of people jogging. You can find everyone on the track from running, of those who only have few years of life up to those who have almost eight decades of life. If on the other hand you like more the sports with the ball, like football, Podgorica offers several terrains for small football which during the winter are covered and they are becoming the popularly called “balloons”.

There are several balloons in Podgorica, and the two most popular are Wembley, next to the Sports center Moraca, and Arena, on the other side of the river. Beside these there are several open football terrains and having in mind that the renting of this kind of terrains costs only 15€ per hour, it is no wonder that it is very difficult to find a free term. The long tradition of handball in Podgorica has led to the fact that often on these terrains you will find young female handball players training. Those young sport schools in the last period have been popularized through the Municipality project “Podgorica – a zone without drugs”, so today hundreds of boys and girls are training some sport in Podgorica. If you are interested in basketball, beside the fact that every part of the town has its own terrain, we have several terrains behind the Podgorica Gymnasium standing out, as well as the stadium of small sports, and two exquisite, almost professional terrains – one in Njegos park – which is the ownership of the Basketball club Buducnost, and the other one, in the already mentioned sports center Arena.

In Podgorica one can find dozens of terrains, fitness and wellness centers. In some of them you can subscribe on a monthly treatment, or you can simply go on a daily basis when you decide that you want to train.

For the funs of water, Podgorica is the right place for rest. During the summer sports center opens the door of its pool, and as Moraca is only few meters away from there, maybe you will be more interested to try yourself as a swimmer in Moraca, or to maybe try out your fishing skills.

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