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Tivat Entertainment

As well as all the other coastal towns in Montenegro, Tivat also offers various types of entertainment, especially during the summer period. During the day it is best that you go swimming, and enjoy in the sun on numerous Tivat beaches. Considering the fact that in Tivat there are sailing and paddling clubs, if you wish to dedicate yourself to that kind of sport or you are successful sportsmen, that board sailing or paddling of the canoe will adequately complement your whole day staying on the beach.

For the adventurers and people craving for challenge there are several more possibilities to spend their days entertaining themselves or acquiring a new hobby. Those possibilities are diving, sports or underwater fishing, and also researching of caverns around Tivat islands. For such a planned day it is enough they you get the necessary equipment, barge or a taxi boat, which will take you to the desired destination, and of course to be prepared for all kinds of challenges, which ultimately is the idea that stirs you.

A day on the sea you can spend also by refreshing yourself with summer cocktails, resting in the thick shadow, under the palm trees in Tivat cafés and restaurants, with your dear ones. Still, the best entertainments in Mediterranean towns take place in the evenings. As well as in other coastal towns, in Tivat too during the summer months you can enjoy in numerous fishing fiestas, which are organized in town as well as in surrounding places.

However, if you’re young, enthusiastic, and have the ambition to spend your summer vacation in a fast rhythm, then we recommend that every night you visit numerous Tivat cafés, which are situated in the center of the town, as well as in the surrounding places: Donja Lastva, Krasici, Seljanovo etc. In the cafés you can usually hear all kinds of music (dance, rave, hip – hop, pop, rock…), and the owners are trying to organize special nights during which they choose the most likable guests, the best girl of the night; then they make musical parties, cocktail parties, various musical show programs, touring of some famous singers etc. Especially pleasant atmosphere that dominates during the hot Tivat night will appear to you, while you walk down the city Riva, which is the best way to start the fun, which lasts until late in the evening.  There are numerous Tivat cafés in which fun represents a real pleasure. Wishing to help you in your choice, we will mention some of the cafés in Tivat: “Apolon”, “Basko”, “Doria”, “Big ben”, “Caballero”, “Mar – mar”, “Mond”, “Pradiso”, “Roma”, “Dionis”, “Wai – kiki”,… With socializing and game, modern dances or enjoyment in cocktails, we hope that you will spend beautiful moment staying not only in Tivat cafes, but also in bars, open bars on the hotel and restaurant terraces.

Along the Tivat Riviera there are also many pastry shops, pizzerias, hotels and restaurants in which also you can spend several pleasant hours talking with your friends, listening to the music or enjoying in eating Montenegrin and Mediterranean cuisine. Also, Tivat is prepared to await numerous tourists who like to complement their vacation on the sea with various additional cultural contents. The most important cultural manifestation which happens during the summer tourist season is Tivat`s Cultural summer. That cultural festival abounds in theatre plays, cultural nights, and fine art exhibitions… For more than 30 days, as long as this manifestation lasts, the visitors of the program of the Tivat`s Cultural summer, can see the newest productions of the Cultural Center of Tivat, and the plays of the Montenegrin, Serbian, European and world theater houses, which take place on the theatre stage of the Summer cottage Buca.

If you are a fun of painting and literature then inevitably you have to visit individual exhibitions of Tivat painters that during the summer are organized in the village Gornja Lastva, and the exhibitions of the famous Montenegrin painters in the gallery of the Summer cottage house Buca.

If on your vacation you are taking your children with you, besides the fun in children swimming pools, swimming in the sea, sunbathing and playing in the sand, in the center of Tivat there are several green areas, which in time were transformed into children’s parks, with various accessories, with which your children will have great fun. Apart from that, we are sure that everyday walk, down the Tivat Riviera, and the rest on the benches of the Tivat Riva, or in the town’s parks, will do your children well.

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