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Ulcinj Accommodation

Beside beautiful and long sandy beaches which spread over the entire coast of Ulcinj, town Ulcinj, which by its appearance and tourist potential unites tourism, history, culture and diverse resort – tourist offer, gives you several beautifully arranged city and suburbia hotels. According to the opinion of the Commission for the quality and standardization of the tourist offer in Montenegro, three out of 12 hotels in Ulcinj have 3 tourist stars. Those are the hotels: “Dvori Balsica”, hotel “Galeb” and hotel “Imperijal”. With 2 stars in Ulcinj there are 7 hotels: Tourist place “Ada Bojana”, hotel “Aida”, hotel “Albatros” , hotel “London”, “Olimpik”, “Strait of Otranto”, and Tourist place “Velika plaza”. Two Ulcinj hotels: “Bellvue” as well as hotel “Lido” with bungalows are marked with one star for the quality of offer.

When we are talking about tourism as an economic branch, then its development in Ulcinj is mostly seen through the hotel – tourist enterprise “Ulcinj Riviera”. That enterprise has started its activities in the old hotel “Galeb”(on whose place even today there is the renewed object of the same name), almost one century ago, when in Ulcinj first tourists appeared.

Still, the most interesting tourist object is located in the Old Ulcinj town. That is the complex “Dvori Balsica”, which has luxuriously equipped apartments. Intended for the guests with a refined taste “Dvori Balsica” is surrounded by the walls, and the first – class resort service, suitable ambience, the finest Mediterranean specialties contribute to the top – notch enjoyment and a beautiful summer vacation in the ancient Ulcinj. Beside very luxuriously arranged apartments, “Dvori Balsica” owns an ethno restaurant, which is most gladly visited by foreign tourists.

One of the most famous hotels on the Montenegrin coast, hotel “Galeb” is situated on a very attractive location, across the Old town of Ulcinj. Hotel has 160 luxurious rooms, with a sight towards the sea, as well as 8 apartments. Also, hotel “Galeb” owns a restaurant, disco takes, saloons, meeting halls, bowling alleys, saunas, swimming pools, table tennis halls, open tennis courts as well as its own beach.

Hotel “Mediterranean” is placed in the immediate proximity of the hotel “Galeb”. It has 480 beds, 240 two bedded rooms with the sight towards the sea, and 90 apartments. Appertaining of the hotel is situated also in the vicinity of the small Ulcinj beach.

For guest very interesting is also hotel “Strait of Otranto”. That typically Mediterranean hotel is the first in the line of the hotel buildings along the big Ulcinj beach. It has 132 two bedded rooms. It owns 106 apartments as well as extra hotel purport.

Grand hotel “Lido” has 112 beds in 52 two bedded rooms and 4 apartments. It owns a unisex hair saloon, musically equipped gym, two dining halls, aperitif and a night bar. In the range of the hotel there are sport terrains. In the other part of the hotel are located bungalows, in which there are 30 nicely arranged villas with 282 rooms and 4 apartments.

Nearby is also hotel “Olimpik”. It has 252 beds, a swimming pool, a sauna, a café, a terrace, a big hall as well as several sport terrains.

Hotel “Bellevue” in three pavilions (Avala, Boric and Cer) has 770 beds. It owns two lunch halls, aperitif bar, lactic restaurant, a terrace, a discotheque, souvenir shop, a boutique and a stall.

Tourist place “Ada” offers accommodation in bungalows, which are, placed immediately next to the same named place on a beautiful island Ada Bojana. The vacation in bungalow is pretty comfortable, and beside the extraordinary beach, the place is surrounded by dens vegetation. Tourist place “Ada” is a specific tourist destination also because of the unusual hoses, restaurants with great assortment, both national and other kinds of meals and drinks. To the visitors and tourists who intend to spend their vacation staying in bungalows on Ada, beside swimming and sunbathing, there is a possibility for practicing various water sports like: windsurfing, sailing, and board surfing…

Beside in the hotel, in Ulcinj you can pleasantly stay or spend your summer vacation if you choose to stay in private rooms or apartments. The great number of Ulcinj households is engaged in renting private accommodation. In the very Ulcinj as well as in its surrounding, for the last 10 years a great number of luxurious villas or private house which propounds a diverse tourist offer has been built.

As still there are no approximately correct data of what is the number of beds which in Ulcinj are intended for rent in the private accommodation, by the scope of the building the units that are intended for renting, it can be concluded that their number surpasses several thousands of beds.

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