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With regular posts from Montenegro and guest bloggers, fantastic photos, polls and competitions, we hope the Visit-Montenegro BLOG will inspire you to enjoy the best of Montenegro : Official Visit Montenegro Blog

On blog you will be able to find some valuable and useful information about Montenegro. blog is the right choice if you want to get more information about Montenegro, and follow latest news, reviews, travelogues, atricles, interviews and much more. Visit the blog regularly and get behind the scenes at Montenegro’s most exciting venues; read exclusive interviews; experience interesting places and events with our first-hand reports and share your Montenegro favorites through polls and comments … Visit 

Here, we make selection of some of the BEST articles/post from official Visit Montenegro BLOG :

1. Montenegro from another dimension

We will start the story about Montenegro with the legend of a steep and narrow footpath leading all the way from the Adriatic Sea high up into mountains.

On a hot summer’s day, a local tribesman was making his way up this steep pathway and after many hours he reached a well. Being consumed with thirst, he went close up to it and spoke out loud: “You are streaming now, but not much longer!” … Read full article 

2. Yes this is Montenegro

… Our job is to present real picture about Montenegro, best we can. Why we do that? Because we believe that Montenegro deserves to be widely presented, and we know that many people around the world know little about Montenegro. Also, after 15 years of experience in marketing field, we believe that we know how to do that. And of course, if Travel and Leisure or Lonely Planet put Montenegro in TOP WORLD destination … what we can say?

But, if you put on the scales all plus and all minuses of Montenegro, result will be amazing. You will get HUGE amount of great, wonderful and positive elements. This is not some empty story – just search Internet, and you will find million of tourists who visit Montenegro – and NO ONE will not say: THIS IS UGLY, BORING, DISGUSTING COUNTRY. No, you can not find that, because Montenegro is an amazing, wonderful place, with so much beauty and such a friendly people, that no one can be indifferent …  Read full article

3. Top 10 Montenegro Excursions – Must visit

We present you TOP 10 Montenegro Excursions. This is for sure a list of 10 MUST VISIT places in Montenegro for each tourist. Enjoy in beautiful description of every excursion and choose the best for you. Also, you will be able to make online reservation for every excursion you like. Read full article

4. More Then 2000 Years Old Olive Tree

As a city of olives, the sea gate of Montenegro, long-lasting melting-pot of different confessions and nations, Bar represents a mix of modernity, tradition and beauty. It is an important and dynamic economic centre within Montenegro, but is also a town of rich cultural and historical tradition. Some of the highest achievements of Montenegro’s civilization originated in Bar. The oldest written documents and the most important work of medieval Montenegrin literature and history can be found here. The town also served as the seat of the oldest religious institution of Montenegro (the Bar archbishopric).

But our story is about one of the world’s oldest olive trees grows here, the Old Olive of Mirovica, which is more than 2000 years old …  Read full article

5. Exegi Monumentum – (I Built a Monument)

It is strange how difficult a man parts from the view of a wide scenery and distance, how heights and peace are enchanting. But once you must turn around and continue – tops of mountains are not for a long stay.

One Montenegrin did not accept to abide by this fact. This was Metropolitan of Montenegro fifth in row of family Petrovic – Petar II Petrovic Njegos. He ruled over this people hard to be ruled over, who were not only in permanent war with neighboring communities, but also fought each other and had long gone feuds. Metropolitan tried to make these people pay taxes in order to support them during years of hunger and not to fall under the influence of rulers of neighboring regions of Ottoman Empire, as well as to build schools, make courts. He became loved and hated as well … Read full article

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