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Montenegro Events and Festivals


International Television festival – Bar

The introspection of TV achievements which is attended by almost all bigger TV stations from the region. With its participation Televisions such as RAI, BBC, ZDF, FR3 etc testify about the quality of the festival on which a Grand Prix is given, as well as the awards by categories. Every year, the most interesting one is the one in the domain of documentary and ecological movies.

Mojkovac movie fall – Mojkovac

The most important cultural event in Mojkovac municipality during the year. On this mini festival the achievements, which in the past year had a prominent role on domestic and foreign movie scene, are being displayed.

Meetings under the Old olive tree – Bar

Manifestation which promotes the cultural and poem creativity. Manifestation Under the Old olive tree lasts for several days and besides the presentations of books and collections of poetry of children’s writers, the program is characteristic for the fine art and literary works on topic “Olive, peace, friendship”. For the most part the manifestation is held in the place called Mirovica, where the famous trunk of over 2.000 old olive tree is found. On the last day of the manifestation, Bar primary school pupils, as well as writers, in the yards of primary schools are planting an olive tree, and as wish for peace and friendship to be spread among people they symbolically throw in the sea a wreath made of branches of olive tree.


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