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Amaro Montenegro

Amaro Montenegro, “the liqueur of the virtues”, was created in 1885 thanks to the lengthy, impassioned experiments of a famous distiller and herbalist, Stanislao Cobianchi.

The name “Montenegro” is a dedication to the beautiful princess Elena of Montenegro, who was engaged to Victor Emanuel III.

In its over 100 years of history, Amaro Montenegro has seen its success grow continuously up to the present day, now being one of the leading brands on the Italian market.

The marvellous combination of its ingredients and its accurate production process make AMARO MONTENEGRO the classic product that D’Annunzio called “liqueur of the virtues”.

A guarantee of its excellent qualities is its international success and spread all over the world.It can be enjoyed straight, with seltzer and lemon rind, or hot, as well as in various combinations in modern cocktails.

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