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Montenegro – Museum in the open

Montenegro, as one of the oldest European countries, has built its cultural existence during its centuries long history.

Today, modern and multinational, it lives on the grounds that it has established in long past times. In the spirit and faith of all three religions, Montenegro has built the richness of differences, preserving under the arch of its oratories some of the most valuable Christian sanctities in the world – the hand of John the Baptist with which he baptized Jesus Christ, a piece of the Holly cross, the Icon of the Holy Mother of God of Philermosa and many others.

Even today, Montenegro is a pilgrim land with hundreds of thousands of believers who come here to worship the relics of Sveti Vasilije Cudotvorac (St. Basil the Orthodox Saint of Miracles), the land in which fishermen built islands and churches in the honor of the Virgin, and the land which invites you to meet the heart and the spirit of its people and its incredible and fantastic nature. We are taking you to monasteries, cathedrals, and mosques.

Their doors are opened for all people of good will.

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