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Church of St. Klara

The church of Sveta Klara (St. Clara) with Franciscan convent in the shape in which we find it today dates from XVIII century. This church is located immediately next to the bulwarks of the Old town in Kotor. It is made of the church of Sveta Klara (St. Clara) additional buildings, which are grouped around the closed yard. In the church there is a luxurious baroque altar, which is a piece of work of Francesco Cabianca. The church was made in renascence style. The most valuable segment of this church you will find on its north side, and that is the baroque altar made of colorful marble. Ivan Bolic financed the construction of the alatar.

In the place of the present Franciscan convent there used to be a female benediction convent with today missing church of Sveti Bartolomej (St. Bartholomew). The convent has a rich library with great number of old books printed in the period between 1450 and 1500. In the treasury of the church there is a great number of valuable paintings of which maybe the most important painting is Ecce Homo for which it is considered that it is a piece of work of Morales El Divino.

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