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Monastery Celija Piperska

Monastery Celija Piperska is located about 15km away from Podgorica and it’s surrounded by a big wall because it’s located on a raised ground, which makes it look more like a medieval fortified town than a monastery. It was raised by Sveti Stefan Piperski (Sveti Stefan of Piperi) in 1637. Monastery church is dedicated to Rodjenje Presvete Bogorodice (Birth of the Holy Mother of God) and it is made of stone. This monastery was ruined and renewed several times and since 1994 it has the look one can see today. It contains sleeping quarters and additional rooms, and the relics of Sveti Stefan (St. Stephen) are found in the church of Rodjenje Presvete Bogorodice (Birth of the Holy Mother of God).

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