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Monastery Djurdjevi Stupovi

The monastery Djurdjevi Stupovi is located not far from Berane, on a plain edge of a slope which immediately along the east side of the church goes down steeply and in whose foothill you can find the spring Vrelo (Hot). The monastery in Ras is the legacy of Stefan Nemanja and is one of the greatest sanctities in these areas. The monastery was built because Nemnja, while he was imprisoned in one cave swore that he would build a monastery dedicated to Sveti Djordje (Saint George). The other protector of the monastery was king Dragutin, who additionally built the monastery church and painted its “priprata”. King Dragutin lived in Srem from where when he died he was brought into the monastery of Sveti Djordje and was buried there in 1316.

The monastery church of Sveti Djordje was built by ruler Prvoslav, cousin of Stefan Nemanja, at the end of XII century. Here until XVII century there used to be the seat of Budim archbishopric, after which the Turks abolished it.

Djurdjevi Stupovi is an edifice with a range of architectonic and construction innovations in construction of that time. Monastery complex was ruined in attacks for many times, and only church of Sveti Djordje is left of it. The value of the church of Sveti Djordje is in beauty of architectonic solution, which is in the style of Raska School. The church was painted in 1175. Wall surfaces were painted with figures of prophets Ilija, Jelisej, while above the prophets there were Sveti Azarije and Ananija, it was built in three periods. The monastery sleeping quarters were built in 2002. The construction of sleeping quarters is the key moment for the renewal of the monastery. After 830 years of life of the monastery, of which it has spent 300 years in ruins, and 40 (from 1960 to 1999, and from 1999 until today) in renewal the monastery once again is revived and partially renewed. This monastery has been listed in the World cultural heritage, which is under the protection of UNESCO.

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