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Monastery Dobrska Celija

In written records there are no precise data about the foundation of the monastery Dobrska Celija. It is located near Cetinje, in the valley between the hill Vrtijeljka ad Dobrstak. It is assumed that it was made in XV century, during the era of Ivan Crnojevic.

Monastery initially was a cell – solitary confinement, in order for it to late become a monastery complex.

It was in close relations with the Cetinje monastery; more precisely it was its branch. Monks of lower ranks got educated here. Because of the mild winter bishops from Cetinje sometimes spend their winters here.

According to some sources, bishop Danilo Petrovic started his education in Dobrska Celija. Rising of thrashing floor which stands even today there is attributed to him, and Njegos founded here the first folk village school in 1842, which worked with few interruptions until 1914.

The monastery church of Uspenja Bogorodice has a transept base with half circle apsidal and a belfry as well as a porch.

Special value of the monastery represents the building of the sleeping quarters with ground, which has been built in a range of vaults. From the older wing with vaults, similar to the Cetinje monastery another floor rises. Next to this building another edifice was built at the beginning of this century, which used to be used as a school.

In difference to other monasteries, the Turks didn’t damage Celija Dobrska and there are no records that it has been burned and damaged.

Several kilometers away from Cetinje, on the highway towards Podgorica you will come across the sign to turn right, towards the Dobrsko Selo (Dobrsko village) and towards the monastery. Narrow asphalt road will take you to the monastery. Nearby you can see the famous Lipska pecina (Lipska cave).

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