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Monastery Duga Moracka

The monastery Duga is located on river Moraca in the village Bioce not far from Podgorica. It is believed that this monastery is older than the Moraca Monastery and that it was built in the era of Nemanjic dynasty.

Monastery is dedicated to Uspenje Presvete Bogorodice and that initially built monastery was at the same time the first monastery built on Gospojina field, at the mouth of Mala Rijeka (Small River) in Moraca. Because of the constant clashes of Turkish army Montenegrin ribes decided to transfer it on some much more hidden place. They decided that that should be beside Moraca, close to the river. According to some records the construction of the monastery dates from 1752. From the WW II the monastery was neglected and since 1996 it is being renewed.

It is the spiritual seat of tribes Bratonozici, Kuci, and Piperi. By its architecture it is similar to the majority of village churches.

You can reach it by coming from Podgorica or Belgrade, where in the place called Bioci there is a board with a road sign for turning (from Podgorica you should turn right, and from Belgrade you should turn left).

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