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Monastery Gradiste

The monastery Gradiste is located nearby Petrovac, more precisely in the place Buljarica above the highway. It is a monument of great importance, which has a great number of medieval frescoes. According to a legend the monastery was built in XI century, in 1116, and the first written documents about this monastery date from XIV century, more precisely from 1305 where it is mentioned in the parchment of king Milutin. The monastery for centuries was a branch of the Monastery Decani from Metohija. What very few people know is the fact that the First Serbian Spelling book, which was printed in Venice, was written right here in this monastery.

It is made of three churches (Sveti Nikola – St. Nicolas, Sveti Sava – St. Sava, and Uspenje Bogorodice – St Falling into sleep of Holy Mother of God), sleeping quarters, and a defensive wall. Main monastery church, church of Sveti Nikola (St. Nicolas) was built at the beginning of XII century, and the frescoes were painted in it in 1620. Domestic painter pope Strahinja from Budimlje painted the church. Vasilije Rafailovic from Risan made the iconostasis of the church in 1796.

The second church is the church of Sveti Sava (St. Sava), which was built in XIX century, more precisely in 1864. In this church iconostasis was made by Nicolas Aspioti, a painter from Corfu.

The church of Uspenje Bogorodice (Falling into sleep of Holy Mother of God) is located outside the complex of the monastery and their main values are frescoes, which are in it.

The monastery earlier used to be surrounded by walls and gun holes because it was the constant target of Turkish army. As the majority of monasteries in Montenegro this monastery was ruined and renewed many times. In this monastery complex there are numerous icons with the motifs from the Old and the New testimony, as well as with figures of the dynasty Nemanjic, which were made about 1620 year during the reign of Montenegrin bishop Ruvim. This monastery is also listed in the list of culturally – historical monuments of Montenegro and is under the protection of UNESCO.

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