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Monastery Moracnik

The monastery Moracnik is built on the same named island with the church of Sveta Bogorodica (St Virgin). For the first time it was mentioned in 1417 in the parchment of Balsa III who, it is supposed, was its protector. This synod church is dedicated to Bogorodica Trojerucica.

The church has small dimensions with central dome. Beside the church, the monastery complex has sleeping quarters, dining room, and high tower with four floors. A stone fence with monumental gate surrounds the monastery. The monastery Moracnik that is an Orthodox sanctity, and the sanctity of Zeta Sveta Gora 250 years ago under the invasion of Turkish army was entirely havocked. After two and a half centuries monks were back in the monastery Moracnik in 1998.

All the churches from the period of Balsici were painted with pictures of saints, about which testify the preserved tracks on their wall surfaces.

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