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Monastery Stanjevici

The monastery Stanjevici is located above the municipality of Budva. This monastery was a spiritual and political center of bishop Vasilije Petrovic. The beginnings of this monastery are bound to despot Stefan Lazarevic.

Duke despot Djuradj Crnojevic has raised in the place of the present monastery a castle on the hill Djurdjevac,, a military fortification with the church of Sveti Georgije (St. George).  After the invasion on Cetinje in 1714 bishop Danilo went to Stanjevici (at that time Venetian territory). After his comeback from Russia from the means he got there he decided to build a church of Sveta Trojica, and the former castle of Crnojevici he renewed and turned into the monastery sleeping quarters.

The monastery was built at the end of XVII century. Bishop Petar I Petroic founded as school in it for education of monks and priests. Some repairs and additional building were done by metropolitan Sava Petrovic who opened there a priest school which Sveti Petar Cetinjski attended.

The first written Canon about Montenegro and the Hills (after the famous Dusan’s Canon) was written and out in effect right here.

In the middle of the XIX century (in 1839) Njegos sold this monastery to Austrians who made a fortress of it. During the Boka rebellion in 1869 the monastery was won by Pobore who, while they were retreating, mine it so that it wouldn’t be used again in military purposes. Since then the monastery is in ruins.

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