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Monastery Zupa

The monastery Zupa is located on river Gracanica, more precisely on its left bank, just a few kilometers away from Niksic, and it is considered to be a perfect place for picnic.

According to a legend this monastery dates from Middle Century and it is thought that it is the legacy of the dynasty Crnojevic. The first written document about this monastery dates from 1627 year. They say that the monastery edifice was initially built on the right bank of the river. After the avalanche from the hill Gradac ruined it, Crnojevic dynasty renewed it on the left bank of the river. But this edifice too didn’t last too long. The legend says that the monastery stone was transferred, from hand to hand, on a new, present location, a few hundreds of meters further.

The Turks in the attack of Omer Pasha Latas damaged monastery in 1853. On that occasion the famous “Zupa ljetopis” (Parish chronicle) was lost in the fire as well as some other valuable books from the workshop of the monastery.
The church which is today located there was raised thanks to Prince Nikola I Petrovic in 1881, and the tracks of the old church cannot be seen on the present church.

You can reach the church by going from Niksic down the road, which takes you in the east along the river. After you cross lake Liverovic you should continue straight for a few hundreds of meters and you will see the monastery along the road. Nearby there is also a fortification Susjed (Neighbor), better known as Jerinin grad (Jerina’s town) which is also one of the very interesting localities.

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