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Mosque Sultana in Plav

Sultan Abdul Hamid built the mosque Sultana in Plav in 1909. This magnificent mosque Sultana, which is located on Meterizi, was made of cut stone with domes and stone minaret. This mosque has been used little for religious purposes, and under the pressure of the former regime in 1924 it was taken away from the Islam community and turned into a military warehouse, then into a school, and later even into a police station. Valuable inscriptions on the building have been ruined, minaret as well as domes have been ruined, and “ruzdija” in the yard of the mosque has also been thorn down.

Somewhat later at the request of Muslim community and with the decision of the republic of Montenegro the facility was returned to Islam community of Plav. The works on the reconstruction and adaptation of the facility of Sultana are almost finished and this facility will soon get its initial purpose and become a valuable architectonic tourist facility.

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