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Husein Pasha’s Mosque

Husein pasha’s mosque is located in the center of Pljevlja, a town in the north of Montenegro. Minaret of the mosque is 42 meters high, and the mosque was built at the end of XVI century, more precisely in the period between 1573 and 1594, thanks to Husein pasha Boljanic, originally from village Boljanic, close to Pljevlja. Before he determined Pljevlja as a place where he will be living Husein pasha performed a range of important duties on the court in Carigrad (Istanbul).

The mosque was made of finely cut stone with rich interior ornaments, while the walls have been painted with floral details and quotes from Kuran.

Among the books and manuscripts in the mosque there is a manuscript of Kuran, which was written in Arabic letters, and decorated with miniatures with gilding. It is considered that it probably dates from XVIII century. Minaret on the south side after the thunder hit it in 1911 is overbuilt in a more thinner and taller, and today it is one of the tallest minarets on Blakans.

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