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Montenegro Music

Part V: Contemporary Montenegrin music

As never before, Montenegro in the past decade has become one of the leading countries in the region when we are talking about the musical expression. Beside the great number of young performers, which mostly affirm themselves through the specific, Mediterranean, pop sound, Montenegro every year opens its doors for music starts from the region. Namely, every summer, two big and recognized festivals for a couple of days gather the attention of the public. Mediterranean song is heard in Budva for already 15 years, while from somewhat northern Herceg Novi, from “Suncane skale” and from lively Kanli kula, a chance is given to younger performers, the best Balkan musicians in the past year are being rewarded, and what is important most of all is that they choose the winner among the experienced starts from Montenegro and the surrounding. Both festivals began to draw the performers from bigger European countries.

Great and refreshing program which Bijelo Polje offers in the form of the Festival of tambourine players, every summer this town in the north of Montenegro attracts tambourine orchestras from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Czech Republic etc.

The performers who are especially popular in the region, and who come from Montenegro are Vlado Georgiev, Sergej Cetkovic, Rambo Amadeus, Biljana Mitrovic, Nenad Knezevic Knez and other. From groups, especially popular is group from Podgorica No Name, which in 2005 took part in the Eurosong, then we have Perper, Makadam grim, Crveno i Crno (RED AND BLLACK) and others. In the last perod especially active is rock scene; so often in clubs one can hear DST, Autogeni trening, VIS Gorenje…

The profile of Montenegrin musical scene is such that everyone can find something for themselves and for their taste, no matter whether he understands our language or not. Music speaks with its emotion and tones, which maybe in best way will bring close to you the sentiment of our country.


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