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Cruise to Kotor

When you pass that magnificent bay, you have to plan how to spend the next five hours in Kotor. All the passangers from the cruise will be arriving with you and you don’t enjoy crowds, right?

So, instead of entering the Old Town directly, continue to the next entrance on the right and prepare for a 1350 step long walk to St John’s fortress. Put your hat and walking shoes on and bring at least one litre of water. You are on a quest for awe – with benefits – you will burn big amount of calories that had attacked your belly during the cruise. Just take those stone stairs. And know that some of them were placed there much much before your great-grandpa was even planned – 1200 years ago. That’s walking on history. You can take a rest near the Church of Our Lady of Remedy that was built when the town was saved from a plague five centuries ago, and enjoy a panoramic view of the whole Bay, the old town of Kotor, and two beautiful islets. Scenery is absolutely amazing and the higher you get, the more apparent the beauty.

By the time you are finished with the panoramic viewing, the crowd will have sat down in cafes in the old town and all the tourist guides will be free. Kotor is not only about old buildings, Kotor is about the story behind each of them. Many myths still live there. Get a tourist guide to see and hear the tempestuous history of this town that deceptively seems to have been living a peaceful fairytale since forever, protected by the surrounding mountains and cuddled by the sea.

If you are boiling with thrill, you can cool down in the nearest beach Dobrota, just a bit out of town. Have a drink, cool down and pinch yourself to make sure you are not dreaming.
Unfortunately, it’s time to get back.

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