The pearl of the Mediterranean, unique in many ways, is situated in the south of the Adriatic. Nowhere else can you find, so much natural wealth, beauty, mild beaches, clear lakes, fast rivers, and gorgeous mountains in such a compact area as in Montenegro. In the morning you can wake up along the beautiful Adriatic coast, have lunch on the banks of Skadar Lake, and enjoy an evening walk in the Montenegrin mountains. Montenegro cannot leave you indifferent.

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Montenegro, one of the oldest European states, situated on Balkan Peninsula, 1 hour from Rome (563 km), 2 hours from Paris (1494 km), 2.5 hours from London (1778 km), 3 hours from Moscow (1978 km). Situated on the crossroads between Europe and Asia, and between the Adriatic Sea and Serbia, with rich history, culture and tradition.


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Montenegro offers many tourist attractions in very small area. You can enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, or even something more daring like paragliding, kite surfing, or river rafting. Read More
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Want to find out top destinations in Montenegro for your vacation? Explore Montenegro using our interactive map of MUST VISIT destinations and main cities. Read More



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