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    , the pearl of the Mediterranean, unique in many ways, is situated in the south of the Adriatic. Nowhere else can you find, so much natural wealth, beauty, mild beaches, clear lakes, fast rivers, and gorgeous mountains in such a compact area as in Montenegro. In the morning you can wake up along the beautiful Adriatic coast, have lunch on the banks of Skadar Lake, and enjoy an evening walk in the Montenegrin mountains. Montenegro cannot leave you indifferent.

  2. Holiday in Montenegro

    Not only an excellent choice for holidays, Montenegro has many other remarkable characteristics: history, culture, tradition, good weather conditions, clean air, beautiful nature, the blue Adriatic Sea.... Everyone should visit Montenegro. This little country combines features of both the Balkans and the Mediterranean, near Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy and Albania. Despite its small size, Montenegro offers great diversity and abundant natural beauty. Don't forget to take your camera to capture the dream-like grandeur of every view in Montenegro. You won't need to stage your photos; just click and capture the most beautiful photos from your holidays in your album.
  3. Where is Montenegro?

    Montenegro is certainly one of the most interesting spots in the world. Even though it covers only 14,000 km2 and has about 670,000 citizens, its contribution to the cultural heritage of the world is impressive, considering its size.... Montenegro is a southern European and Mediterranean country. It is one of the most southern European states, adjacent to the southern Adriatic Sea. About 500 km from Rome; 1,500 km from Paris, and Berlin; and about 2,000 km west from Moscow; Montenegro lies on the Balkan Peninsula in the very heart of Europe.

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