Learn Montenegrin Language – Letters

In Montenegro, official language is Montenegrin (very similar to Serbian language).

Many experts say, that our language is not easy to learn, but that language is very “rich” and beautiful. We will help you to learn some basic words and phrases. Anyway, very soon, you will discover how our language is nice and interesting.
Maybe next time when you arrive in Montenegro, you will make your first order in some restaurant on Montenegrin language, why not.


Slova – Letters

Serbian language has 30 letters: 5 vowels (aeiou and sometimes as a vowel letter r can be used) and 25 consonants.

In Serbian phonetic every letter is pronounced exactly in the way that it is written (it does not change depending on the neighbouring letters)

  • A a
  • B b
  • V v
  • G g
  • D d
  • Dj dj
  • E e
  • Ž ž
  • Z z
  • I i
  • J j
  • K k
  • L l
  • Lj lj
  • M m
  • N n
  • Nj nj
  • O o
  • P p
  • R r
  • S s
  • T t
  • Ć ć
  • U u
  • F f
  • H h
  • C c
  • Č č
  • Dz dz
  • Š š
  • A a
  • Б б
  • В в
  • Г г
  • Д д
  • Ђ ђ
  • Е е
  • Ж ж
  • З з
  • И и
  • Ј ј
  • К к
  • Л л
  • Љ љ
  • М м
  • Н н
  • Њ њ
  • О о
  • П п
  • Р р
  • С с
  • Т т
  • Ћ ћ
  • У у
  • Ф ф
  • Х х
  • Ц ц
  • Ч ч
  • Џ џ
  • Ш ш

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