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Welcome to Montenegro

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Have you ever drunk water directly from the river? Or had an adrenaline rush from zip-lining over the deepest canyon in Europe?

Have you ever kite-surfed at the upstream running river? Visited the resting place of a miracle-making saint? Montenegro is offering something different and unique. Visit Montenegro, a country of tall people, dramatic nature contrasts and colorful rains. Montenegro is like a box of chocolates – every candy of a unique, rich and delicate taste that is long remembered. Read More…

Explore Montenegrin Coast

Although not long, the Montenegrin coast is bursting with stunning scenery. Mountains that abruptly drop into the sea, ancient city walls that rise from the limestone have their beauty mirrored in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. Stone and pebble beaches tucked in the wooded bays, picturesque islands and glittering sea caves immersed in the blue are just a bit of the splendor. Those craving an active day can go to the water parks or paragliding above the seashore and those hungry for serenity or romance can enjoy sunset horse riding at the sandy beach which gives the impression of being at the edge of the world. Or simply, sleep over on the beach in your sleeping bag. It’s safe. Just bring mosquito repellent.

Explore Montenegrin Inland

When you get over the salty air, head north to the mountains of Montenegro. Put on your hiking shoes and some comfy clothes to explore canyons as deep as the brightest thought, pristine rivers, untouched rainforest, dark blue and ice-cold lakes, vivid caves and fascinating contrasts of tame and wild nature. Breathe in the cleanest air while conquering dreamlike hiking tracks. Win over mountain peaks that soar to the sky or look for a masterpiece crafted by nature and exhibited in the caves. Ride a horse, a mountain bike, go kayaking, rafting or bird-watching. This sweet-scented beauty is real. This is Montenegro. You are welcomed here.

Explore Montenegrin People and Culture

Montenegro stands on the edge between the east and the west. Different civilizations crashing and colliding have left the most beautiful marks between the wrinkled mountainous face of this fascinating country. Roman floor mosaics, Illyrian gray castles, Venetian stony walls, vibrantly painted Orthodox monasteries, ornamental Catholic churches, modest and minimalistic mosque minarets and plane socialist style buildings will tell you about Montenegrin rich cultural history. Myriad powers fought over these lands and that is why the locals are tall and strong, their eyes are of different shades of all colors, and their welcoming hug is warm and brotherly. Those looking for a multicultural European history are more than welcome to Montenegro.

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