No, no, no… Montenegro is not in Latin America… although the name has a Latin origin. And, no, it is not near Russia, although Montenegrins have a strong Slavic accent… The same one Melania Trump has.

Montenegro means ”black mountain”. And, yes, it is a mountainous country. And yes, its forests are dense and opaque, especially when you venture deeper into them. Wolves and bears are still around. But don’t be afraid, you are not a lamb.

Montenegro is a petite country in the south-east of Europe, next to Croatia and opposite of Italy. It is sitting on the Adriatic Sea and has a Mediterranean energy. It means that its people are loud and they gesticulate vigorously when showing their affection.

Montenegro on the map of Europe
Montenegro on the map of Europe

Montenegro is the smallest child of Yugoslavia, independent since 2006, currently heading towards the world’s top in tourist destinations. About an hour away from Rome by plane, less than two from Paris or Istanbul, or five from Dubai, Montenegro is close to the rest of the world. It’s a place where you can go for a swim in the sea and go hiking on the snowy mountain tops in one day. It’s a place where you can choose between the utmost luxury and minimalism. Between an adrenaline rush or complete serenity. It’s where you can choose to be hidden or join the crowd. It is where you can choose to take everything.

This is the seventh smallest country in Europe with less than a million inhabitants. Speaking about size, Montenegro shows off with the deepest canyon in Europe, the biggest lake in the Balkans, the longest underground river, the tallest people in the world. Well… the second tallest. This is the land of the southernmost bay of glacial origin, the cleanest river and one of the last rainforests in Europe, the oldest olive tree, the last pelican resort and the warmest European town during summer.

Montenegro is a tiny country where the nature is stunningly beautiful, where myths unfold before your eyes, where great memories are created and where big welcoming hearts are. That’s about the size of it. That’s where Montenegro is.