Wine routes

Wine routes are mapped around the Skadar Lake basin where many family-owned taverns are located, offering a memorable local wine-tasting. Winery Kopitović, Mašanović, Zavjet, Buk and many others are must-stops on this route. You will need to make a booking; they are full in the summer because they offer flavorsome local specialties and a rich array of local wines. Before returning behind the wheel, you can enjoy cruising the lake, kayaking, or hiking on some of the trails overlooking the gorgeous nature.

Centuries ago, every groom from this area had to plant up to 1,000 grapevines before marriage. Today the descendants of these hard-working winegrowers are producing the full bodied wines in Montenegro. Try them where they were grown. You will probably spend the evening with a glass of wine which you couldn’t resist buying there.

Roads of Culture

Along the entire coast, from Herceg Novi to Ulcinj, each city has its fort, where it jealously safeguards its cultural legacy. Venetian fortifications are either at the edge of the city, on the headlands, on the top of the cliffs or high in the hills. You will find ancient Roman floor mosaics in Risan. Old Bar, once a city of craftsmen often invaded by pirates, still uses aqueducts built seven centuries ago and features houses built in a Turkish style, and an old clock tower.

If you go on a 30-minute drive from Budva, or on a slightly longer drive up a narrow, winding road from Kotor, from which you can see the magnificent Boka Bay, you will reach Njeguši and Cetinje, the old royal capital of Montenegro, where each building is an exhibit, and the entire city a museum. Here you can find the palaces and stone carved residences of Montenegrin rulers, old embassy buildings, impressive monasteries and churches, and alleys with linden trees that give the town a pleasant scent.

Made out of stone, Montenegro is living in the remnants of a multicultural European history. Feel free to take these roads.

Roads of adventure

If you want to go rafting on the rapids, whirlpools and waterfalls, to pass through canyons so hidden, that they are named “The Unseen” (Nevidio) or “Out of Gods Sight” (Nevidbog), if you are not afraid of heights or the cold waters of mountain rivers, if you are interested in the untouched, surreal nature, take the adventure routes on the mountain maps of Montenegro. The canyons of Tara, Mrtvica, Sušica, Nevidio, Durmitor ring, Prokletije are pearls on this road, rich with activities for people who love the challenges and an intense experience of their travels.