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Traveling from Dubrovnik to Montenegro

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Every year, large number of tourists are visiting Dubrovnik and Montenegro. Also, many tourists are coming to Dubrovnik Airport (Cilipi), with the intention of spending the holiday in Montenegro. Visiting Dubrovnik for tourists from Montenegro, and vice versa, is one of the tours that are definitely not to be missed.

Therefore, on this web page, we offer information on the best methods for every tourist to tour Dubrovnik, Kotor, Budva and other cities of Montenegro. We also suggest means of transport from/to Dubrovnik and all the tourist places in Montenegro.

These are a few basic options for transportation:

  1. Car Rental – If you really want to experience all the magic of the many beautiful small places along the Adriatic coast, car rental is certainly the best choice and we recommend it. In this way, you have complete freedom to stop and visit even some hidden places that are not on the maps of usual tourist tours.
  2. One day trip from Dubrovnik to Montenegro – You can always visit Montenegro from Dubrovnik by booking one of the full-day trips. Feel free to check out the other Dubrovnik Tours.
  3. Transfers – Book online great transfer service from Dubrovnik to any place in Montenegro.
  4. Bus transport – You can buy tickets online via one of our partner services.

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Useful info:

Explore Montenegro

If you want to find useful information about Montenegro, we suggest that you use our unique interactive map – Explore Montenegro, and thus readily and easily get to the proper information on major tourist sites and locations. Easy, intuitive, user friendly – Explore Montenegro is the best way to experience the charms of Montenegro.

Explore Montenegro

Explore Dubrovnik

Following the example of Explore Montenegro, soon we will offer our visitors a similar system for Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik region. For now, you can find very useful information about Dubrovnik in the context of Visit Montenegro Web portal.

Double Pleasure

Do not miss to visit amazing city Dubrovnik, if you come to Montenegro. Also, do not miss to visit Montenegro (Kotor, Perast, Budva, Porto Montenegro, etc) if you are in Dubrovnik.

Give yourself a memorable and unique – double pleasure : Montenegro and Dubrovnik is perfect combination for your great and unforgettable tour. Just imagine : Dubrovnik Old Town and Kotor Old Town – two pure jewels on The Adriatic Sea. Richness of nature, history, tradition and culture, will amaze you.

Make this tour, and you will never forget those 2 stunning places : from Dubrovnik to Montenegro and vice versa. Nature, History, Culture, … and for sure best Dine & Wine route for all your senses. Enjoy in Croatia, enjoy in Montenegro – do not miss this pure tourist diamond tour.

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