Cattaro Hotel is located in the heart of the medieval, seaside Old Town of Kotor. Situated on the town’s main square, it occupies a significant portion of the town’s walls.

Hotel is part of Cattaro Complex along with Restaurant Citadel, Maximus nightclub and Pub “AS”. The most spectacular part of the complex is Citadela, where you can enjoy breathtaking view, of the city walls, the bay and the river, while consuming the variety of food and drinks.

Cattaro Hotel consists of the Town Guard Tower, Rector’s Palace (the building of the local government when Venice ruled the Adriatic until 1806) and the Old Town Hall - Napoleon Theatre (built in 1810). All three historical buildings have been preserved in their original conditions, renovated and converted into the hotel in 2006. Hotel Cattaro consist of 17 rooms, and 3 apartments. The interior décor of the hotel was designed to correspond to themes from the beginning of the 18th century. There are portraits of sea captains and admirals, as well as pictures of famous ships and naval battles. There is something for everyone with delicious, organic local food, thriving nightlife, the arts, historical sites and Venetian architecture.