Pearl of European natural heritage. Today almost the only European rainforest, which surround the fantastic Beiogradkso Lake, is located at just a few kilometers away from Kolasin. For a long time under the protection of rulers of these areas, for the National Park Biogradska gora people say that not a single tree has been cut in it. Today, this natural reservation preserves dozens of plant and hundreds of animal species, which can only be found in this place in entire Europe. Don’t miss a chance to visit in a one-day tour only the most significant and most beautiful corners of the park, to take a ride with a boat on the lake or to meet some of the numerous cultural – historical monuments in its area. Central moment of the entire park by all means is Biogradsko lake which on the surface of entire 230.000 m2 is located at 1094 meters of height above the sea level, together with Jezerstica, the outpour tributary, making a water comples of exquisite beauty. Above the lake, which stretches on 54000 ha, raise huge mountain wreaths, which for millenniums have been reflecting in its calm water surface.

National Park Biogradska Gora
National Park Biogradska Gora


Park is in mountainous region of Bjelasica that is located in central part of Montenegro between Rivers Tara and Lim and is surrounded with three municipalities: Kolasin, Berane and Mojkovac. Park is 5400 acres large and surrounded with mountains whose tops are over 2000 meters high and with nine glacier and one low land lakes, Lake Biograd. Seat of the Park is in Kolasin.


Although it is the smallest of four National Parks in Montenegro, National Park Biogradska Gora contains diversity of flora and fauna. There are 26 different habitats of plants with 220 different plants. 150 kinds of birds and 10 kinds of mammals live in this Park and in its forest there are 86 kinds of trees. In the waters of Park exist three kinds of trout and 350 kinds of insects. Basic elements of the Park are: untouched forest with trees over five hundreds of years old, large mountain slopes and tops, glacier lakes at altitude of 1820 meters and easy accessible Lake located at very entrance to the Park. Park is renowned as unique geological – morphological region and as such very attractive for scientific research.

National Park Biogradska Gora
National Park Biogradska Gora


Park is near railway Bar – Beograd and is witness of history. In close vicinity took place battle between Turks on one side and Montenegrins and Serbs on other side. There were also important battles in First Balkan War 1912 and this region represented center of activities of partisans in WWII. For years back, shepherds used rich pasture in this region for grazing sheep and other cattle. These slopes are even today used as pastures and visitors of park enjoy hospitality of shepherds in their summer houses.


Mountaineering and visiting are two most popular summer activities in the Park. Also south of Park is ski course. In summer is also popular visiting high tops with land cruisers. Hunting is permitted out of region of Category II and fishing is permitted in lakes. Picking of blackberries and raspberries in region of Category IV is another summer activity.

National Park Biogradska Gora
National Park Biogradska Gora

History of the Park

When Kolasin was liberated from Turkish rule in 1878, people from Moraca and Rovca presented part of the forest to King Nikola Petrovic. This forest was known as “Branik Kralja Nikole” and was protected. Biogradska Gora was proclaimed National Park in 1952.

Transport and connection

Park is located by railway Bar – Beograd and highway Podgorica – Beograd. Train stops at stations Kolasin and Mojkovac where local train takes passengers to stations between these two towns. Train does not stop at entrance of the Park. There is also regular bus transport. In Kolasin and Mojkovac there are taxi services. Most visitors of the Park use private cars or arrive in organized groups.

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