In the surroundings of Nikšić there are three artificial lakes. One of them is Slano Lake (Slano jezero), which was created in 1950 in order to serve the needs of Perućica hydro-power plant.

Lake Slano has an area of 9 km² and is located in the western part of the field of Niksic, surrounded by medium-sized and high mountains. The coastline is rugged, with a lot of islands and peninsulas, and the waters of the lake are incredibly clean and clear. You will be charmed by the wild beauty of the lake and unspoiled nature, which surrounds it with the abundance of plant and animal species.

Lake Slano, Niksic
Lake Slano, Niksic

Although it’s an artificial structure (there’s a dam at one edge), Slano's sparkling blue waters, low-lying islands and green borders make for a beautiful vista. There are a few tiny villages on the shore but there’s no straightforward route down to the water; take whatever turn-off you can find and wind your way down. You’ll be unlikely to find more than a few people fishing or sunbathing.

The Slano Lake is easily accessible, but it is not equipped with infrastructure. After Skadar Lake, it is the biggest bird habitat in Montenegro. Out of all the points on the world tourist map, the British automobile giant JAGUAR marked Slano lake near Niksic in 2016 with its steep, rugged terrain and wild nature around the lake, to test Jaguar’s first terrain vehicle F-pace

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