The Emperor’s Bridge (Carev most) or Tsar’s Bridge on the Zeta River is one of the most impressive bridges in Montenegro, as it is 269 m long and consists of 18 arches. This huge construction project, designed by Josip Slade, was built in 1894. It was named after the Russian Emperor Alexander III, Emperor, who had financed its construction. You will pass it when you follow the old road from Danilovgrad to Nikšić along the Zeta River. The bridge was very valuable to Montenegro at the time, since it contributed to the development of the Central Region by improving trade ties with the south of Montenegro.

The bridge is much wider than the modern river channel: this is because of presence of a large backwater pool there in the past. Nowadays the river's channel is straightened and strengthened by concrete in this area, so only one span actually crosses the river. Under this (the highest) span nowadays a little pedestrian doubling bridge exists.

Emperor’s Bridge is one of the most beautiful stone bridges in Southeast Europe. A bridge with 18 large vaults (arches) was built of cut stone in 6 months. While opening the bridge for transport, Prince Nikola emphasized the importance of the bridge and suggested that it should be called Emperor’s bridge.

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