Perazića Do is nice and peaceful place located only few kilometers away from Petrovac on the road towards Budva. This small place has wonderful houses that are perfectly blended with the surrounding vegetation. The village itself is very steep with lots of stairs.

Sandy beach in Perazica Do is only few hundreds meters long. However, its crystal clear turquoise water makes it one of the top beaches on Montenegro coast.

You can reach Perazica Do by car, but you have to park it on top of the hill and walk many stairs down to the sea. There is also an alternative walkway that goes from Petrovac. This path goes right next to the sea and the combination of fresh seaside air along with the pine forest scent make this walk something to remember Petrovac by for life.

Walkway from Petrovac to Perazića Do
Walkway from Petrovac to Perazića Do

At the end of the path, right before the Perazica Do, there is a small tunnel. The tunnel has no lighting inside,so have a flashlight or phone led light prepared if you want to go through.

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