Along the Budva – Petrovac road you will come across the monastery complex called Rezevici. This monastery got its name by Pastrovici tribe Rezevici. The exact time of foundation of this monastery hasn’t been established, but a legend from 1226 from the time of Nemanjici is related to its foundation. While he was going through these areas Stefan Prvovjencani (Stefan First Wedded) got very drunk from wine from Pastrovici. After the hangover and getting sober he ordered that in that place a church should be built. The monastery complex has two churches, sleeping quarters and a building for economy.

Small church of Uspenje Bogorodice (Falling into sleep of Holy Mother of God) is interesting because of the fresco painting, from which it can be assumed that protector or the donor of the church has been buried here. It is the legacy of Stefan Prvovjencani, first Serbian king.

Monastery Rezevici, Petrovac
Monastery Rezevici, Petrovac

Bigger church dedicated to Sveta Trojica (Saint Trinity) was built in XVIII century and has beside itself a belfry. Iconostasis in this church is a piece of work of domestic painter Marko Gregovic from the end of XIX century. The church of Sveta Trojica is the legacy of emperor Dusan. Great renewal of the monastery Rezevici in XVIII was done by Maksim Kosjerevac from Herzegovina and Nikodin Vukovic.

The monastery was badly damaged in earthquake in 1979, and after that it was once again restored; the monastery is under the protection of UNESCO.

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