Riva Hotel is located right at the beachfront in the center of the Petrovac promenade. Riva Hotel has 32 double rooms of high quality design, 2 presidential suites, beach, lobby bar and á la carte restaurant which provides fantastic views at two islet right before Petrovac, “Katič” and “Sveta Neđelja”.

All the rooms elegantly designed and equipped with all the amenities that are required by high standards of hotel management.

The hotel offers international à la carte restaurant Riva.

The restaurant is located on the promenade with the balcony at the beach. It is the only restaurant that is located at the center of the Petrovac beach.

Whether you need a family vacation or romantic getaway, treat yourself with luxury accommodation in hotel Riva and enjoy all the amenities such as free Wi-Fi and the vicinity of the beach.