Hrid Lake (Hridsko jezero) is «hidden» at an altitude of 1.970 meters above sea level and it is a «lake of happiness» located on a northwest side of Prokletije National Park, in municipality of Plav, on north of Montenegro. It is easily accessible from the towns of Plav and Gusinje. Nature is still untouched in this part of the ‘Accursed Mountains’ (‘proklet’ means accursed). It’s true, you can encounter some nature-loving hikers, but there are no human settlements in the wide surroundings. Pure nature and wild beauty!

Hrid Lake is set in a spectacular landscape that is marked for its high pine trees, bleached tree trunks and interesting rock formations. Bedded in the intensive scent of the pine trees, nature lovers and those looking for peace and quiet, can find a place to relax and dream. Near the lake you can find a valley with lush green meadows inviting you to relax.

A ‘craggy rock’ is called ‘hrid’ in Montenegrin, and the Lake is hidden under the steep cliffs of Hridski Krš (2358 m) and Mount Bogićevića (2374 m).

Hrid Lake is one of the highest altitude lakes in Montenegro, called “Gorske oči”. Lake is of glacial foundation and it is known as a “Pearl of Prokletije” among people.

Hrid Lake, Prokletije National Park
Hrid Lake, Prokletije National Park

It is 300 meters long and 160 meters wide, and the depth depends on season, but in general it is 5-6m. In summer it becomes smaller, but the rest of the time is increases, especially when it rains and snow melts. Frozen in winter, Hrid Lake isn’t Montenegro’s largest lake. However, what it lacks in size, it apparently makes up for in terms of the “luck” factor, and it’s stunning setting among stands of pine trees and spruce.

Hrid Lake (Hridsko Jezero) is known in Montenegro as “lake of happiness” . There is a legend about forest fairies that are hiding from humans and bathing in Hrid Lake. Even nowadays, those who decide to go for a swim in the lake believe that swimming in this lake brings health and luck in marriage. Throw a coin or a piece of jewelry – a ring, bracelet, chain – into the lake and make a wish. Maybe it will soon come true!

Lake is situated on the international hiking trail Peaks of the Balkans, which is 192 kilometers long and passing through Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania. Not too far from the lake is a ‘triple border’ peak Tromeđa, where borders of all three countries connect in the same spot, which is very interesting to hikers.

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