Lake Plav (Plavsko jezero) is the largest and most beautiful lake in the Plav region of Montenegro, in northeastern Montenegro, resting between the Prokletije and Visitor mountain ranges at an altitude of 906 m above sea level. The surface area of Lake Plav is 1.99 km2 and it extends north-south for some 2,160 m. It is a glacial lake, formed as the last ice age ended, roughly 10,000 years ago. It is surrounded by green rocky hills that lead up to the towering peaks behind them.

The area around Lake Plav is ideal for hiking and mountain-biking, and the lake itself is only one of a large number of mountain lakes and bikers and hikers can visit, whether it be for a quick swim or a relaxing picnic.

The scenery mirrored on its dark blue surface is almost unreal, bare rocky peaks covered with snow in mid-summer as a backdrop behind green fields and thick forest on the lower slopes of the mountains.

Lake Plav, Montenegro North
Lake Plav, Montenegro North

Plav region is chalk-full of karst caverns that recently have become famous the international press as teams of explorers attempt to map their tremendous depths. The whole Plav region nestles at the foot of the towering Prokletije mountain range which during the winter stuns the occasional traveler as the gaze upon the reflection of the snow-topped mountains on Lake Plav, which stretches its waters from north to south for over 2 kilometers (nearly a mile).

Lake Plav is without any doubt the center of eco-tourism in the region. It is the second biggest lake on the territory of formal Jugoslavia. Its clear waters are ideal for swimming in the summer time, and during the winter the lake freezes and is used as a huge skating rink. There are boat riding, rowing and diving competitions, sailing regattas on the lake. There are all conditions for sport fishing. The water in the lake is believed to have healing qualities.

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