Today is officially registered Golf Club Knjaginja Milica (Princess Militza) in Montenegro.

The group of enthusiasts and affirmed in their professions, gathered the idea of ​​spreading the mission of this great sport in Montenegro. In this way they want to renew the tradition of independent Principality of Montenegro, where 110 years ago in Cetinje was opened golf course, the first in the Western Balkans, but at the same time set up a golf club and organised the first golf tournament.

The club name is Knjaginja Milica (Princess Militza), wife of Danilo Petrovic the eldest son of the Montenegrin Prince and latest King Nikola. Princess Militza, originally a German princess Jutta, was the first president of the club, sponsor of the first tournament held in Cetinje 6 July 1906 and performed the first golf shot.

In the spirit of this tradition, and as part of celebrating ten years of the restoration of independence this Golf Club will organise an international tournament Memorial of Princess Militza, who will also be the first unofficial amateur golf championship of Montenegro. With the understanding and support of friends from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the tournament will be held in Sarajevo on 21 and 22 May 2016, in the hope that more will be forthcoming on some of the planned courses in Montenegro. The idea was supported by many friends of the club, and the main sponsor of the tournament is the company Lustica Bay that will on the same peninsula will soon start construction of the first professional golf course.

Club members will be the backbone of the team that will participate this summer in the international tournament Cup cities in Vojvodina, and will be working to create the conditions for the formation of driving ranges and golf school.

In Montenegro, is expected soon and the formation of another Golf Club in Mojkovac and then in the middle region, which creates conditions for the revival of the golf association.

GolfArt presented on this page is created by famous Golf Artist from Montenegro Olivera Cejovic – dedicated to Princess Militza. Official logo of Golf Club Knjaginja Milica is also created by Olivera Cejovic. Visit Montenegro is proud sponsor of Olivera GolfArt.