Montenegro – one of the top 10 world tourist destinations, one of the few countries with so many natural and historical beauties, one of the European countries with the richest culture and tradition, one of the countries that will leave you breathless !

The Balkans is a specific and unique part of Europe. Former countries of Yugoslavia, today are independent countries and each in its own way offers certain beauties. But certainly Montenegro stands out in many ways: in such a small space, you can not find so many diverse resources of natural beauty – anywhere. A hospitable and cordial people in Montenegro will welcome you above all your expectations.

Unlike western countries, in Montenegro, it is quite common that people will buy you a drink or a  lunch, or wait as if you are his cousin. Unbelievably nice and cordial people are what you will surely remember in Montenegro.

Today, one of the youngest members of the NATO Alliance, Montenegro offers tourists a safe, pleasant and unforgettable vacation. Simply: Montenegro is a destination that you will remember for the rest of your life and you will be happy to come back here, like many tourists who once visited Montenegro. Certainly there are certain small problems and imperfections – but all this is completely innocuous for the general impression.

Montenegro today has in its tourist offer tours, hotels and accommodations with the highest quality and levels. Same is also for a other services: top restaurants, great boutiques and shops, unique festivals, crazy parties …

Welcome to Montenegro – Breathtaking Beauty!

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