Couple days ago, Mail Online (Daily Mail) publish great article about Montenegro. It is always pleasure to see how people and media describe Montenegro, and for tourist this can be very useful information.

We recommend this article to all who intend to visit Montenegro and to find more about this beautiful country and one of the best world travel destination:

“Montenegro is cheaper and less crowded than the French Riviera – and knows how to do glamour, too (Sophia Loren, after all, spent her summers there)

When it comes to luxury, Montenegro has a lot to offer. I find myself staring at the Aman Sveti Stefan resort, which may be as close to Heaven as you can come without leaving the physical world. It’s a former fishing village: a cluster of houses on a rock, moored to the mainland by a slender isthmus. Terracotta rooftops add a splash of colour to the scene…”

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Welcome to Montenegro!