Eco-tax has been introduced based on the obligations arising from the implementation of multilateral agreements in the field of environmental protection, reforms in the context of the European Union accession process, as well as on the grounds of recommendations made by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), with the ultimate goal to allocate the gathered funds for the implementation of operative measures of preservation and improvement of natural potentials of the ecological state of Montenegro.
This is the fee paid by all natural and legal persons to use road motor vehicles and their auxiliary vehicles on the territory of Montenegro. Citizens of Montenegro pay for the eco-tax when registering their vehicles, whereas foreign nationals pay the tax when entering Montenegro.

The fee amounts are determined according to the make of motor and auxiliary vehicles used. The eco-sticker, obtained upon the payment of the eco-tax, shall be valid for the period of one year.

Charging is starting on 15. Jun 2008.