Herceg Novi – The association of sport fisherman of Igalo yesterday organized a meeting on which they have initiated the action of cleaning of the mouth of the river Sutorina into the sea. Because of the years of disregard and dumping of waste in the thorough of the river, its mouth is now cramped with technique, plastic packages, parts of the cars and tires.
– Some 20 years ago, the river in that part was two meters deep, and not it has only 20 cm – stated the fisherman.

They invited the authorities and all interested that until the beginning of may that part of t he river should be cleaned. In the last 10 years, Sutorina field, through which flows the biggest Herceg Novi River is more and more becoming a wild service zone.

On what used to be the agricultural land two parking lots for buses were built, the warehouse of construction material, winter home and the workshop in the open for yachts, slaughterhouse without any sanitary condition, and on that location also functions cement factory.

– The last attack on Sutorina field was done a year ago, when the new border crossing was made on Debeli brijeg, when hundreds of cubes of land were dumped on what used to be fertile land. Not only that they have jeopardized the field, but also the ecological mud, which is exploited by the Institute Simo Milosevic – warned the higher scientific cooperate in that health 0 tourist institution PhD Ljubomir Radojicic.

Healing mud (peloid) appeared in the coastal part of Topljanski bay, in the mouth of river Sutorine, with mixing and sedimentation of mineral alluviums, with the active participation of sea flora and fauna.

Special role in that have the see buds from which the most famous is “posidonia oceanica”, in people better know as Linnaeus.

Thanks to physical, chemical and mechanical character the mud is used in healing and rehabilitation of many illnesses.

Radojicic claims that the responsible people in the Municipality never understood the value of those natural advantages and that because of that they haven’t protected them adequately.

He says that the entire area around the river Sutorina does not have he sewerage system and that the local people are emptying their sewerage pits directly into the river.

In the thorough of the river, almost daily, one truck of waste is dumped – states Radojicic.
He warns also on the uncontrolled or badly planned construction with unsolved drainage of wastewaters in the coastal part, which jeopardizes mineral water and pleoid (mud) of Igalo.



The cleaning of the mouth of river Sutorina is just a first and necessary step in its protection and the protection of pleoid and mineral water from further pollution.

In the budget of the municipality for cleaning of the mouth of the river they have predicted to use 20.000 euros, and the Institute Simo Milosevic and Morsko dobro have promised to help.

It is agreed that for the cleaning they will contract the enterprise “YU Briv” from Kotor, which, in agreement with the Institute for marine biology from Kotor, would depose the mud from the mouth somewhere in the sea,, outside the bay.

Until the fall the all inclusive project of protection of the river Sutorina should be made, which would include all possible aspects – warned the workers from the Ecological association from Boka Kotorska, and the local administration has accepted that.


The protection of river Sutorina, mineral water and healing mud, says PhD Radojicic, should be a priority in Herceg Novi municipality, because its prosperity is based on the health tourism.

He said that hotel Splendid in Becici is procuring the healing mud from Spain, and that a kilo of peloid in world market costs 40 euros. One liter of mineral water, added PhD Radojicic, is more expensive than oil.