Budva – That every medal has its dark and light side came true this time too in the example of the lease of elite hotels “Sveti Stefan”, “Milocer”, and “Kraljicina plaza”.
The thrill with the fact that ne of the most famous world hotel brands “Aman resorts” will take over the management of the most prestigious Montenegrin hotels for 30 years has been replaced by the bitterness with the look of the beaches and the park forest which for years were considered to be favorite place of the domestic and jet-set from the surrounding, of yuppies, stage stars, and politicians.

Now those same beaches on which the entrance was strictly forbidden for everyone except for the hotel guests, are left alone, and those who for years have been craving to get refreshment in the high season in elite swimming resorts can now do that without any limits, but there’s no track from that old luxury.

Who is to be blamed for the fact that Sveti Stefan looks creepy, because in evening hours it seems as if it has been erased from the panorama of Budva Riviera. Former glare of light, which was spread all around, has been shut down, the entire island doesn’t have two light bulbs, it has simply been turned into a shadow. Park forest, which represents a natural rarity, is overgrown, and from all the parks beside Sveti Stefan only dry wasteland is left. Former residence of Karadjordjevici has been neglected, while the most luxurious one, Kraljicina plaza, on which only the chosen ones were able to come now has been turned into an ordinary swimming resort.

“Aman”, that is is branch “Adriatic properties’ is obliged to renew in the next two years the popular Saint and Milocer and to build a new luxurious hotel in the place of the current Krraljicina plaza. The Singapore people have predicted that the beach area will be in accordance with the luxury, and that Park Forest will be even more arranged and turned into a green oasis. But until then, while these hotels are closed, it probably didn’t cross their minds that the disregard and closing during the summer will prvoke a real tumult in public.

One thing is sure and necessary: elite beaches and entire hinterland, because of the huge number of tourists, both foreign, and domestic, who are still seeing the unique Sveti Stefan have to be maintained at the level from the period of management of Budva Riviera.

As “Vijesti” found out, the contract about the usage of the west, and the part of the east beach of Sveti Stefan, beach Milocer, Kraljicina plaza, the area around the hotel “Milocer” of surface of 5.642 square meteres is ready to be signed in “Morsko dobro”. It is expected that the expert team pf “Adriatic properties” will come next week in Budva to seal the contract about the taking over of the lease over this part of “Morsko dobro”.

Recommendation of the Ministry of tourism, coming from the fact that all these beaches for years were in hotel regime, that is, that they were used by the guests of the luxurious hotels, is to stayed closed. The explanation of such a decision the Ministry sees in the fact that with not opening these swimming resorts the beach area is not reduced, because so far it has been used by the guests of the hotel, and now those hotels are empty. Also we have recommended the opening of the east beach of Sveti Stefan for publicity this year with constant maintaining, as well as possible opening of half of the beach in front of the hotel “Milocer”.

With a call that it is necessary to conclude the deal with Adriatic properties about the taking over of the lease of the beach area Ministry of tourism has insisted that the beaches should be maintained and that the forest should be cleaned, grass mowed regularly, that is that entire area should be maintained at prior level. Director of “Morsko dobro” Veselin Barovic did not hide his disappointment with the existing look of former elite swimming resorts as well as with the parks in the hinterland.
– Former user’s relation which we had with Budva Riviera is inherited by the new firm “Adriatic properties”. They have the investment cycles of two years during which they are obliged to set in function all hotels. In the meantime a problem of the beaches in front of those hotels, which have been closed this summer appeared. “Aman” didn’t count in this problem, probably because of the fact that those swimming resorts will get its full sense when the hotels are renewed, that is newly built. We hava conversation with them and asjed that they should put in function the beach until the hotels are made. We didn’t come across the willingness from the other party, and from the Ministry of tourism we have received the pinion that the beaches should be closed, which additionally makes it harder for us. Because tourists and citizens are calling and demanding that the beaches should be maintained. Along the way we see that the areas behind the beach are maintained badly, which creates a bad image because people pas by there every day – said Barovic.

In Budva Riviera they point out that the contract about the lease of the mentioned beaches which they concluded in “Morsko dobro” has expired on the 31st of December last year.
– With the contract which we have signed with Adriatic properties on the 31st of January it has been predicted that from the earlier leaser all rights and obligations will be transferred to Adriatic propertied or that they should make a contract with the leaser which enable him the usage in the following period. The guarantee for carrying out of the contract was the Ministry of tourism. Clanness on those beaches at the moment is maintained by 8 employees who under the contract were overtaken by “Adriatic properties” from Budva Riviera, and the hinterland is being maintained by the Communal enterprise – it was said for “Vijesti” in Budva Riviera.

V. Lajovic


Singapore company “Aman” has leased three luxurious Montenegrin hotels for 30 years and for a year’s lease it is obliged to pay 2, 1 millions of euros, of which 1, 6 millions of euros goes to Budva Riviera for the lease of the Saint and Milocer, and half a million goes to HTE Milocer for the lease of Kraljicnina plaza. They have obliged themselves that they will invest in reconstruction and construction 40 millions of euros.

So far they have paid two payments for the lease and gave several wages to employees whom they have taken over, which is already 1, 7 million of euros. as it is precisely said in the contract, after the opening of the hotel all four restaurants “Pod maslinom”, “Zverinjak”, “Kraljicina stolica”, and “Aman spa” will be of public type, as well as park forest whose all paths will be public, while the beaches will be in hotel regime.


Director of the communal enterprise Djordje Medin said that the beaches have been cleaned several times but that it is necessary to oblige Aman with a contract to do so.
– During the summer months we have a lot of work, and that is why it is necessary to make a contract with someone, to know exactly that we have that at our disposal. We are ready to maintain the beach and to be paid for that. As for the greenery we have made ac ontract for that, but we don’t have the obligation to mow and to maintain the park. Furing the period when Budva Riviera managed this we had a contract and all green areas at that time were arranged.